Buckeye State Scarlet Soda

In keeping with a nearly 80 year family tradition, Buckeye State Scarlet Soda was born in the Fall of 2015.

A Tale of Three DavidsBuckeye State Soda

The year was 1937, the country was in the midst of the Great Depression and the entire City of Cincinnati was flooded as the Spring waters jumped the banks of the Ohio river. It was in this bleak setting that a young Deno Spaccarelli, perhaps acting on the challenge of President Roosevelt that there was “nothing to fear but fear itself” decided to open his first apothecary on Erie Avenue in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati. It was here that he would compound custom prescriptions in the pharmacy and custom sodas at the fountain.

And that is where our story begins.
It has been over 90 years since my Great Grandfather opened his produce market on Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati. He would walk the couple blocks from their Court Street apartment in the Italian district. My Grandpa Deno used to run the register as a boy standing on fruit crates. And it would only be a few years later, when in 1937 he opened the family’s first soda counter and apothecary in the Hyde Park neighborhood making custom compounds and sodas. My father David used to work the soda fountain as a boy and eventually followed in his father’s footsteps by running the apothecaries and continuing the long tradition of using many of his father’s original recipes.

Despite working at the apothecaries for several years, my three sisters and I took different paths than my namesake father. Then a couple years ago my brother-in-law David (flavor chemist and soda enthusiast) began sharing his beverage concoctions at our family Sunday Night Dinners. We quickly realized this was simply a continuation of our rich family tradition.

Building on the legacy my great grandfather started almost a century ago, we decided to keep the tradition alive and began producing beverages in glass bottles with cane sugar in 2015 launching Buckeye State Scarlet Soda a traditional Wild Summer Strawberry soda. We’re very proud of the product and family heritage and hope you enjoy the fruits of our family’s labor.


Celebrate Ohio with Buckeye State Scarlet Soda

Root Naturals (Buckeye State Soda) uses natural botanical extracts, juices, cane sugar, natural apothecary flavors and triple filtered carbonated water to provide you with an all-natural sparkling craft soda that makes no excuses for its sweet deliciousness. In 12 ounce glass bottles it is a treat to be enjoyed, not a gallon to be gulped. Chill a bottle and drink it cold with or without a glass and ice. We know you will agree, life is better with a few simple indulgences.

Stop by Fizz Fest 2018 to experience for yourself this old-fashioned soda craftsmanship

Buckeye State Scarlet Soda was named “Best In Show” at the 2017 Homer Craft Soda Festival.