Asylum Zombie Sodas – They’re Insanely Good


Asylum Zombie Sodas

Insanely Good Zombie Sodas

Asylum Beverages is a company that creates great tasting products that connect musicians, entertainers, and artists with their audiences.  Asylum brand promotes heavily at comic and horror conventions, music concerts across the country and special events year-round.

They’ve recently launched a line of Asylum Premium Craft Zombie Sodas.  All of these great tasting premium craft sodas are made with Pure Cane Sugar.

What makes the zombie sodas unique is our partnership with various comic book artists who have provided their own creative spin to the bottle labels with depictions of various zombie images. Zombie Sodas were originally based on the characters and events that take place in Deadworld comic book universe.



Deadworld is the award winning, long running cult hit comic book series published by Caliber Comics that first exploded on the comic scene in 1986. With over 1 million copies in print and over 100 comics & graphic novels released to date, Deadworld is not your typical “zombie comic book or story”.

The line features 6 very popular flavors: 

  • Zombie Black Cherry Soda
  • Zombie Vanilla Root Beer
  • Zombie Wild Berry Soda
  • Zombie Orange Cream Soda
  • Zombie Root Beer
  • Zombie Strawberry Soda

Asylum Zombie Sodas