In the Mood for Some Totally Gross Soda?

Does the idea of drinking Kitty Piddle Soda or Dog Drool Soda appeal to you? If so, then you’ll want to read on.

In 1904, Sherman F. Avery started making soda in a red barn on his father’s poultry farm in New Britain, Connecticut. He created his own flavors like Cream, Birch Beer, Root Beer, and Ginger Ale and made deliveries to local stores and homes via horse and carriage until 1914 when he purchased his first truck.

Today, Avery’s Beverages are still made on site in the same red barn, using the same ingredients they have used since their inception. They are one of the oldest soda bottling companies in New England and still deliver their product in glass bottles and wooden crates to homes, restaurants, pizza and coffee shops, ice cream and candy stores, and other businesses in Connecticut and beyond.

Make Your Own Soda Program

Make Your Own Soda Program

Totally Gross Sodas were invented by kids visiting the factory while attending a birthday party, or as part of a school group, Girl Scout, or Boy Scout troop. In the “Make Your Own Soda Program”, Kids come in, and they get to take over the soda factory for an hour and make their own concoctions. When the kids came up with concoctions that tasted good, Avery solicited names from the kids.

While Swamp Juice, Toxic Slime, Dog Drool Soda, Bug Barf, Kitty Piddle, and Monster Mucus may sound disgusting, they are not. For example, Toxic Slime’s electric blue color may look revolting, but it’s really a delightful combination of blue raspberry, orange, and lemon. Bug Barf’s yellow greenish tint may appear unappetizing, but its kiwi pineapple tang is actually delicious. Dog Drool’s pink and whitish hue may seem as if “Rover’s saliva glands are working overtime,” but its orange lemon flavor tantalizes the taste buds.The concept of “Totally Gross Soda” is meant to appeal to the 10-year old in all of us. If you’re into novelty soda, you’ll want to give this soda a try. If you still think farts are funny, you’ll want to give this soda a try.

“They’re SODAsgusting”.

Swamp Juice – This greenish-brown tonic is the most complicated formulation with over a half-dozen flavor ingredients. It has a surprisingly delicious fruity taste.

Toxic Slime – This electric blue soda with white floaty bits looks like a science experiment gone wrong. Blue raspberry, orange and lemon are the dominant flavors in this tasty soda.

Dog Drool Soda – Pinkish white with lots of character, it looks like Rover’s saliva glands are working overtime. This orange-lemon soda will have you drooling too!

Bug Barf Soda – Something this guy’s been eating didn’t agree with him, but this greenish – yellow Kiwi/Pineapple mix is absolutely delicious. It’s sure to agree with you!

Kitty Piddle Soda – Oops, kitty had an accident. But the Taste of this pale yellow, Orange/Pineapple mix is no accident. Bad Kitty. Good soda!

Monster Mucus Soda – This deep purple potion has lots of body and is bursting with flavor. A monster combo of Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, it’s berry, berry, tasty!

Avery's Soda

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